Monthly Archives: December 2018

Questioning Facebook’s New Transparency Rules

Political Advertising can be manipulated on Facebook A Business Insider investigation shows that political advertising on Facebook can be manipulated by cyber criminals or hackers even after the implementation of Facebook’s new transparency rules.  Business Insider was able to run fake advertisements as being ‘paid for’ by Cambridge Analytica, in spite of the transparency rules. […]

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Facebook Deletes Over 1.5 Billion Fake Accounts in Just 6 Months

Facebook has eliminated over 1.5 billion fake accounts and over 2.1 billion spam pieces between April and September. Recently, the tech company shared the astonishing number of deleted fake accounts in its Community Standards Report. Facebook gets better at identifying violating content In May, Facebook shared numbers to show the amount of violating content that […]

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Brazil Revenue Department Wants to Monitor Crypto Firms

Brazil’s Department of Federal Revenue, or RFB, published a document which shows that Brazil-based crypto exchange platforms would be required to submit detailed monthly reports on each of their cryptocurrency-related operations. Those who don’t report will face penalty Individuals and companies that use digital assets in Brazil will have to report cryptocurrency-related transactions that exceed […]

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