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RKN Global calls attention to identity theft, which is not just a threat to adults, but to children as well. Children are especially vulnerable to identity theft because their more limited financial interactions can enable the theft to go unnoticed for a long time. Learn more...

Can Facebook’s Libra Reach Where Banks Don’t?

      There are places in developing countries where banks are out of reach for people, and Facebook hopes its digital currency, Libra, developing in those places and reach where banks don’t. Millions of people live far from any money transfer center or bank, which is why they have to wait a long time […]

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Libra, Facebook’s Venture into Cryptocurrency

The social media giant Facebook has been working on building its own cryptourrency, called Libra,  for almost a year and there have been reports that it could reveal the much-awaited venture into cryptocurrency anytime now. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal reveals the list of backers of the cryptocurrency. Supporters of Facebook’s Venture […]

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Data Breach Exposes Travelers’ Photos and License Plate Information

In a recent statement, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that a malicious cyber-attack caused a data breach of one of its subcontractors which had stored copies of traveler images and license plate images that the CBP collected. The data breach leaked the license plate information and photos of the travelers, highlighting the […]

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WhatsApp Vulnerability

WhatsApp, which boasts over 1.5 billion users, has always claimed to be secure, but nothing is foolproof—a WhatsApp vulnerability recently made headlines. This became clear when Pegasus, a piece of software from an Israel-based company called NSO, was reportedly used by someone to exploit a vulnerability in WhatsApp to target human rights campaigners. WhatsApp has […]

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Facebook Faces a New Regulation Threat

A handful of tech companies – mostly based in Silicon Valley – hold  a great deal of power in their hands (i.e. through their user bases and platforms), and governments worldwide are trying to control that power through regulation. The companies undoubtedly do not want new regulations, but governments – recently the French government – […]

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