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RKN Global calls attention to identity theft, which is not just a threat to adults, but to children as well. Children are especially vulnerable to identity theft because their more limited financial interactions can enable the theft to go unnoticed for a long time. Learn more...

5 Ways Identity Thieves Can Get Your Information

  Identity theft has been increasing over the years, and chances are you or someone in your network has been a victim. In fact, some report findings reveal that in the US alone, there were over 9,600 data breaches between 2008 and 2019; thieves stole more than 10 billion records during that period. In this […]

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How to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft

Research findings reveal that despite industry efforts to prevent it, identity theft hits a new victim every two seconds. What is even worse is that one in every five victims of identity theft has experienced it more than once. The end result is emotional distress, which may be harder to quantify than the financial losses you may […]

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A Blockchain Bill of Rights?

image courtesy of the National Archives It seems like a long time ago, but just a few years ago, blockchain took the world by storm.  It initially drew interest as the technology underlying cryptocurrencies.  However, more and more functional applications have come to the fore in the intervening years. A Blockchain Bill of Rights? Now, […]

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A New and Threatening Malware

  A new and threatening malware called EventBot has entered the crowded field of malicious apps.  Malware harms victims and steals their data, identities, and assets.  EventBot disguises itself as a legitimate Android app. It  breaches the accessibility features of the Android operating system to get deep access to victims’ devices. How the malware works […]

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Dramatic Increase in Cyberattacks

  There has been a massive increase in cyberattacks since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The World Health Organization (WHO) has even been a target. The number of cyber-attacks directed at WHO have increased five-fold over the last years, and hackers leaked hundreds of active WHO credentials online. The WHO said in response that it has […]

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