Monthly Archives: October 2018

Social Media Sites Face Hearings on Fake News and Hate Speech

In prepared testimony, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that his company does not use political ideology to make any decisions, whether the decision is related to how it enforces its rules or how it ranks content on its  platform. Dorsey testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Dorsey maintained that Twitter believes in being […]

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Is Bitcoin a Good Means of Payment for Merchants?

  The price of Bitcoin has been subject to intense scrutiny over the past several years, as it skyrocketed, plummeted, and then struggled. Bitcoin may be popular but it has its disadvantages A survey published by the United Kingdom-based crypto-exchange CreditCoin in June revealed that over 75 percent of American consumers want the option to […]

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False Articles Plaguing the Swedish Election

A study by the Oxford Internet Institute revealed that one in three news articles that are shared on the micro-blogging site about Sweden’s 2018 election was from junk news websites which deliberately publish false articles and misleading information. Similar ratio was observed in 2016 US Presidential Elections The study examined around 275,000 tweets about Sweden’s […]

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