Monthly Archives: February 2019

Security Firm Briefly Hijacked Accounts on Twitter to Show Vulnerability

Some popular Twitter accounts were hijacked briefly late last year by security firm Insinia to show the alleged flaws in the social media platform. Mike Godfrey, who runs the U.K.-based cybersecurity business, said that his team hijacked accounts to show how anyone who knows the phone number of a user can tweet from his or […]

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Facebook Bug Allows Access to Data of 6.8 Million Users

Facebook found a bug in its network that affected over 6.8 million users by giving third-party applications access to private photos of users. After news of the Facebook bug went public, the Data Protection Commission of Ireland opened a statutory investigation into the tech company. Facebook is sloppy, prioritizing growth over others: Analyst Facebook said […]

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Twitter CEO Criticized for Hate Speech: Caught between Two Sides

On a visit to India late last year, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, held an informal, roundtable discussion with a group of Indian women activists, writers and journalists about their experiences using the micro-blogging site. One participant gave him a poster, which said “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” and which became an online target almost as soon as […]

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