Monthly Archives: June 2019

WhatsApp Vulnerability

WhatsApp, which boasts over 1.5 billion users, has always claimed to be secure, but nothing is foolproof—a WhatsApp vulnerability recently made headlines. This became clear when Pegasus, a piece of software from an Israel-based company called NSO, was reportedly used by someone to exploit a vulnerability in WhatsApp to target human rights campaigners. WhatsApp has […]

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Facebook Faces a New Regulation Threat

A handful of tech companies – mostly based in Silicon Valley – hold  a great deal of power in their hands (i.e. through their user bases and platforms), and governments worldwide are trying to control that power through regulation. The companies undoubtedly do not want new regulations, but governments – recently the French government – […]

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Everyone Vulnerable to Cyber Crime, Especially C-level Executives

  Executives are a target, too.  Slowly but steadily, cybercrime is becoming a risk for organizations and employees across the world. Data is in danger of hacking and attack, and experts are urging people to take additional measures to secure sensitive information. The 12th edition of Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that C-level executives […]

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