Monthly Archives: January 2020

Data Breaches. . . Again

Another breach of Facebook databases left the sensitive and important data of over 267 million Facebook users exposed online at the end of 2019.  The hacked data included phone numbers, user IDs and names. Another Breach Over the course of 2019, Facebook exposed data from approximately 419 million Facebook users and 49 million Instagram users. […]

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Ransomware: The Downside of Paying

Perhaps even more frightening than the increase in cyberattacks in recent months and years is the increase in number of organizations that are paying cybercriminals to restore their networks. The victims of ransomware attacks are giving into the extortion demands of the hackers. This is the downside of paying, and it is really bad news […]

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Facebook, Meet Singapore’s Fake News Law

Making History Singapore made history in November when it placed restrictions on Facebook using its new Fake News law. Singapore enacted the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act to combat fake news that is “against the public interest.” The law raised concerns about infringement on free speech. Singapore’s government countered, however, that it doesn’t […]

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