Ronald K. Noble

The importance of being careful

RKN Global founder Ronald Noble emphasizes the importance of being as careful with your child’s personal information as you are with your own. Keep your child’s personal information where only you can access it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—protecting the personal information of you and your family is too important not to! Ask if there is another way to validate identity rather than providing the personal information. Remember that if this information reaches the wrong person, it could have serious repercussions for your child. Be on the lookout for warning signs, like unusual mail being sent to your child or communications from the tax authority. Request your child’s credit report each year to ensure that nothing is amiss. In the U.S., you can turn to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion for such an annual credit check. In sum, the surest way to protect children’s identity is to keep their personal information safe, ask questions, and regularly monitor their credit. It is far easier to prevent identity theft than to clean up the mess afterward! RKN Global believes that police cannot prevent crime alone–everyone must play a role as well. Protecting our children’s future is primarily our responsibility as parents.

Calling attention to identity theft

RKN Global calls attention to identity theft, which is not just a threat to adults, but to children as well. Children are especially vulnerable to identity theft because their more limited financial interactions can enable the theft to go unnoticed for a long time. Furthermore, children have a less complicated identity history, often consisting of nothing more than a social security number (in the U.S.), making it easier to steal their identity. Ronald Noble, founder of RKN Global, battled against crimes against children worldwide during his 14 years as Secretary General of INTERPOL. While many crimes against children—such as sex slavery and child labor–are far more extreme and horrific, we cannot ignore the preventable and significant harm posed by child identity theft. If identity theft from a child goes unnoticed for a long time, it can continue to haunt him or her into adulthood, yielding a bad credit score which can then snowball, making it difficult for the victim to apply for mortgages, driving licenses and credit cards. The child’s future will be curtailed by an inability to access crucial resources for building an adult life. So what can you do to protect your child’s identity from being stolen?
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