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RKN Global on CyberCrime: Keylogging, Online Stores, and More

The world of cybercrime is growing day by day, and it’s something that every computer user needs to be aware of. Individuals and businesses alike have been targeted, and it’s thought that 1 in 10 UK citizens have been victims of cybercrime.  Cybercrime is prevalent, and the criminals behind it use their skills to steal […]

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RKN Global on Cyber Crime: Theft, Identity Fraud and Blackmail

Everyone who uses a computer on a regular basis is aware of cybercrime. Commonly referred to as hacking, cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated. The growth of online banking and e-commerce offers criminals more opportunities than ever before, and specialist criminal groups happily target businesses and individuals in order to profit.  Alarmingly, 1 in […]

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