Monthly Archives: March 2017

RKN Global on Money Muling

A recent European-wide money-muling case resulted in the arrest of more than 170 alleged money mules, who were thought to have been responsible for €23 million in losses.1 Money mules receive money into their bank accounts and then transfer the funds to another account that may be located overseas.2 The money received by the mules […]

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RKN Global on Ticketing Scams

British husband and wife team Michael Mayiger and Michelle Meiger seem to have chosen as their family business the path less travelled:  Ticket fraud. While it is true that everything that can be bought can be resold, and that this regular, everyday type of commercial transaction is accepted everywhere in the world in numerous industries, […]

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RKN Global on Reverse Mortgage Scams

In the fourth quarter of 2015, approximately £59,460,000 was paid out in mortgage loans in England alone, with 25% of that figure comprising of reverse mortgages.1 Reverse mortgages are loans that are available usually to senior home owners, allowing them to convert part of the value of their home into cash.2  As in so many […]

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