Blockchain Integration with Different Industries

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When Bitcoin first made its appearance in 2009, it hardly made a splash in the public consciousness; but since 2017, with Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value, the whole world has been resonating with the words ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Cryptocurrency’. The basic idea of the various types of new cryptocurrencies remains the same: to provide a decentralized platform which records transparently all the transactions that take place on it. However, the underlying technology or algorithm may vary according to requirements of different industries. Some of the cryptocurrencies popular in several industries including:

  1. Healthcare
  • Medic Coin: This cryptocurrency, which can be earned by donating GPU computational power, is also the only commercial and healthcare currency to have Masternodes. Medic Coin helps in fuelling a social project carried out by scientists to conduct research to find cures for diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc. The GPU computational power is donated to the Stanford University’s Folding@Home Project. Besides that, it also contributes to various social causes by sponsoring charity events and sponsoring children via Children International.
  • Coinhealth: This cryptocurrency token is said to make an impact in changing healthcare solutions. Coinhealth can be bought with the widely accepted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  1. Cannabis
  • Potcoin: A secure cryptocurrency which helps in doing banking transactions in the legal marijuana business. Potcoin helps legal marijuana enthusiasts to transact and interact with each other. It is the first cryptocurrency aimed to enhance the cannabis industry.
  • Hempcoin: This cryptocurrency doesn’t only focus on marijuana, but aims to support the hemp, tobacco and agricultural industry as well.
  1. Gaming Industry
  • Storm: Storm serves as a platform for fulfilling micro-tasks which are gamified in order to keepthe users engaged and make it a fun experience. These tasks and engagements are exchanged for STORM Tokens.
  • Experience Points: This is a platform which amalgamates education, gaming, sports and earning in an effort to make a positive impact on society. The main benefit of this cryptocurrency is that it also provides interest on the earned XP (Experience Points).
  • Game Credits: This cryptocurrency focuses solely on video gamers worldwide. It serves as a unified currency and provides a virtual wallet so that game developers and buyers can have a single platform for their exchanges. It claims to be faster and safer than credit card transactions.
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