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Twitter Progressing With its Experimental Program to Combat Hate Speech

Twitter has been involved in a lot of controversy in the past few years because of problems with fake news, hate speech and misinformation. Several users of the social network use it to promote falsehood, which endangers the relevancy of the platform. The micro-blogging giant is trying to combat hate speech and fake news with a new experimental program and beta app.

App Aims to Keep Twitter Relevant

Earlier this year, the tech company released a “Twttr” beta app to test new features and get feedback on its updates and on new approaches to old features. The tech company received a number of user responses about the features of the social media platform, and took them into account for a new update.

Twitter said that the latest version of its beta app is a step ahead in its mission to make the platform more valuable and appropriate.  It already had an Experiments Program in place for curbing abusive behavior and hate speech. The Experiments Program is different from the new beta program, however, even though they share the same purpose – to aid the platform in running more smoothly.

The beta app has more than a thousand participants who not bound by an NDA, in contrast to the Experiments Program, in which participants were bound by an NDA.  The advantage of not having an NDA is that it  gives users the ability to discuss the updates or the new features publicly on any social media platform, which in turn enables more audience to comment and ask any further questions.


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