Monthly Archives: September 2017

Sex Crimes and the Internet

Yet another case of sex crime was reported in California recently, with a young man charged with sexual exploitation of a child, threats to injure, and threats to use an explosive device.   The suspect, ‘Brian Kil’, is accused of using social media to threaten girls who refused to send him explicit pictures of themselves. The […]

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Illegal Drugs and their Dangers: 60 Dead by Fentanyl

At least 60 people have lost their lives in the UK over a period of 8 months after taking Fentanyl. It is an opioid that is traditionally prescribed to kill pain, and traces of the drug were found in a batch of heroin that had been seized by British police. Considered to be 50 times […]

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Timeshare Fraud

Spanish police recently arrested more than 30 suspects over a timeshare scam that is alleged to have affected almost 500 British citizens. Spanish police think that the victims were defrauded of as much as £15 million after they paid between £500 and £3,000 for a chance to stay in what they thought were legitimate properties. […]

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